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    2. Site Map

      Service Network

      Service Network

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      With over a hundred air separation units nationwide, two operations and maintenance centers for cryogenic liquid tankers and over 100 self-owned cryogenic liquid tankers, Yingde Gases boasts a comprehensive service network to safeguard supply to most liquid terminal customers across the country.

    3. Gansu Air Separation Projects: Lanzhou Yingde Ningxia Ninggang Yingde 
    4. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Air Separation Projects: Baotou Yingde Baotou Steel Yingda Wuhai Yingde Etuoke Branch
    5. Hebei Air Separation Project: Hebei Yingde 
    6. Tianjin Air Separation Project: Tianjin Yingde
    7. Liaoning Air Separation Project: Yingkou Yingde 
    8. Shaanxi Air Separation Projects: Shaanxi Yingde Hancheng Yingda Hanzhong Yingde Yulin Yingde
    9. Shanxi Air Separation Projects: Shanxi Yingde Changzhi Yingde Yuncheng Yingde
    10. Shandong Air Separation Projects: Rizhao Yingde Rizhao Yingda Zibo Yingde Zibo Yingde Zouping Branch Laiwu Yingde
    11. Henan Air Separation Project: Sanmenxia Yingda
    12. Jiangsu Air Separation Projects: Jiangsu Yingde Yancheng Yingde Yancheng Yingda Yangzhou Yingde Nanjing Yingde Changzhou Yingde Changshu Yingde Zhangjiagang Yingda Zhangjiagang Yingding
    13. Anhui Air Separation Projects: Chizhou Yingde Tongling Yingde Anqing Yingde
    14. Shanghai Air Separation Project:
    15. Sichuan Air Separation Project: 
    16. Guizhou Air Separation Projects: Guizhou Yingde Neijiang Yingde 
    17. Hunan Air Separation Project: Hengyang Yingde 
    18. Jiangxi Air Separation Project:
    19. Zhejiang Air Separation Project:
    20. Fujian Air Separation Project: Ningde Yingde 
    21. Guangdong Air Separation Projects: Zhuhai Yingde Guangzhou Yingde
    22. Henan Clean Energy Project: Anyang Yingde
    23. Hubei Clean Energy Project: Jingmen Yingde
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